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We,the BEC-69ians have all crossed 60. But we are still young at heart defying our age. Some have left us for another world. But most of us who entered BE College in 1964 for the first year course (away from home without knowing what lay ahead for us) or those of us who passed out in 1969 are still around.The budding architects had to stay one extra year (the lucky ones). We joined BE College as strangers, when we left we were a family that is BEC -69 which is not an association but union of minds.Wherever we have gone during the long intervening years, the memory of those golden college days together, remain in our mind as our most cherished treasure. We are spread all over the world. To get back the feeling of togetherness that we had during our college days and hostel lives, this portal has been created.
Here we would share our information, would not be hesitant to make comments about others, would express our joy with uncontrolled glee. In fact, this portal would allow us to show the same joie-de-vivre that we had in our college days. No doubt, in college we were raw.
Now we have seen the world become seasoned from the ups and downs in our lives so far. We are now parents and grandparents. Therefore, the "ambience" that would be created in the portal would reflect this change. But the basic tone would be the same. We have not lost our vigour and would continue to enjoy life....

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B.E. College Shibpur Batch of 69 (BEC-69)